Fenton - DID YOU KNOW?

Fenton glass has been collectible for years.  If truth be told, if you like the piece, who cares when it was made.  We should all be buying what we like.

But, if you would like to know more about dating your Fenton Glass, here is just a bit of information...

From 1905 until 1973, Fenton products were marked with a paper tag.  If that tag was lost then you have to rely on books that can help with dating.  

So, if you come across a piece of Fenton Glass that is not signed then it is pre-1973. 

Here are some of the labels used over the years...

 Fenton Label 1939 1947 Label was used from 1939 thru 1947, possibly 1948
 Fenton Label 1947 1971 Label was used from 1957 until 1971
 Fenton Label 1970 1985 Label was used from 1970 until 1985.  Note that as of 1973, the glass itself was signed as well.
 Fenton Label 1985 1996 Label was used from 1985 until 1996. Note that the glass itself was signed.


Do you have a favorite piece of Fenton Glass?  Do you have questions?  This is a great place to ask...!

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