Miniature Eye Jewelry

There are some people who see this type of jewelry and the first thought that comes to mind is 'creepy'. Maybe, it may seem that way but there was a very good reason behind such a 'fad'.

It was the late 1700s that Maria Fitzherbert wanted to give George IV a likeness of herself. Since their marriage was considered illegal in the sight of English law and frowned upon, she wished to give a gift that no one would recognize.  

She contracted an artist to paint her eye and her eye alone. It was not long before other ladies of the court had eye miniatures done as well. These were given as gifts to friends, lovers and even husbands.

Although Maria and George never were to have a future together and George had it written to her that their relationship was over as he was to marry his cousin he requested that when he passed that he be buried with Maria's eye miniature...Which, he was.

With the death of King George in 1930, came the disappearance of the fad of eye miniatures.

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