Dating Ciner Jewelry

Ciner Manufacturing is still in business today and still creating fashion jewelry. Formed in 1892, it originally made fine jewelry.  It was not until the 1930s that Ciner began to create jewelry that had the look and feel of fine jewelry but was costume. In looking back, what do we know about them to help us date their jewelry?

Ciner Jewelry MarkThe first Ciner trademark to be found is dated February 25, 1949. This is the date of filing. May 23, 1950, is the date it is considered to be registered.  This mark was used for finger rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ornametal pins and clips.

According to government records this particular trademark has been renewed three times and is still considered active.  

In 1993, Ciner registered this interesting wave like mark to be used on costume jewelry.  It was first used in commerce February 9, 1993. There is really no additional information that I can find other than it was cancelled May 21, 2005. 


The current trademark for Ciner does not seem to be listed.  The current logotype is a san-serif capital letter type logo.  

So, besides taking a look at their company stamp, are there any other hints as to when a Ciner piece of jewelry was made?

The copyright mark can be a hint. With the change of the copyright law in 1947, making it easier, faster, and with longer protection for the design, jewelry manufacturers turned from patenting their designs to copyrighting them.

Although not all jewelry designs were marked with the familiar C in a circle, if it is marked that way, it is a pretty good bet that the piece is post 1955.

Although Ciner currently used many different attachments, the modern day lobster claw dates the jewelry to 1997.  The modern day lobster claw was copyrights in December, 1996.  Although it is possible that it was used prior to that date, it is a safe bet that the piece is 1997 and later.

Ciner has always been known as a quality line of jewelry, from its early roots of fine jewelry, until
 today.  Although it is very difficult to date for they used stamps on and off over the years, Ciner jewelry from any year is worth owning.




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