Small Collectibles for the Small House

Millions of people across the United States live in apartments, condos, and small houses. With a limit of space, the idea of collecting antiques often comes with an instant 'no'. It does not have to be that way...and it does not have to be antique!

Small Antiques for the Small Home Sheila Stuart 1968One of the first books that I bought when I decided to get serious about doing more than just collecting was Small Antiques for the Small Home by Sheila Stuart. Dated in 1968, Ms Stuart believed that collecting small items from the past enriched the home and life of the buyer. That it brought of sense of beauty to the home.

In today's world many do not have room for side tables, four poster beds or large sideboards and frankly many wouldn't want them anyhow, even if they could fit them into their home. Today's world is much different and when you think of collecting, think small; think unique; think beauty.

I collect many different things although I rarely pursue something.  I wait for it to come to me. One of those collections is jewelry and small items made by Wedgwood and is known as Jasperware. I do collect larger pieces but I will just share a few of the smalls with you.Wedgwood Jasperware Matchbox Powder Compact jewelry

Pictured here is a Wedgwood Matchbox used to store matches with a strike zone on the underside of the lid. It dates to between 1891 and 1906.  A mid century compact by Stratton, an oval brooch and an oval pendant that date to the early 1920s and a stick pin, set in sterling which dates to 1886.

I hold history in the palm of my hand with this collection and I find endless fascination.

Antique Bar Pins Lingerie Pins Watch FobsAnother thing that I come across and I always keep are small bar pins and watch fobs.  They are all either gold or rolled gold and all from the 1800's and very early 1900s. Here is a sampling of these very small items I collect.  

Again, a very small space is needed to collect these wonderful relics from the past. 

Some people collect Matchbox Cars while others collect Art Glass. You can collect toys, books, coins, or razors - there are literally 100's of collectibles to choose from. Find something you enjoy and that fascinates you and then, collect away.

Would love to hear about the smalls that you collect.  What is your favorite small to collect?


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Daye is an avid collector and researcher of all things vintage.

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