The Year Was 1967

1967 Super BowlIt was January, 1967, and 60,000 people made their way to the Los Angeles Memorial stadium for the first AFL - NFL World Championship game. 

The Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs took to the field and history was written. Vince Lombardi and his quarterback Bart Starr led the Green Bay Packers to victory. The final score was 35 to 10.

Football aside, what else was going on in 1967? 

Aretha Franklin 1967 RespectAretha Franklin belted out Resect and the Beattle's Penny Lane hits Number One. Although originally written for Otis Redding, Aretha made it uniquely her own.

The average American home cost $14,250 (less than we pay for a car today) and the minimum wage was $1.40 per hour. Silver hit its all time record high of $1.60 an ounce.

Billie King Jean was THE name in women's tennis and Jimi Hendrix burned his first guitar on stage.  

What was the world coming to?

Cool Hand Luke Paul Newman 1967Cool Hand Luke was released in the theater and Paul Newman again sealed his fate as one of America's sexiest men. 

The Boeing company rolled out its first 737 airplane. A plane that became the backbone of the airline industry for years to come. 

The Newlywed Game premiered on ABC and the Smother Brothers Comedy Hour was launched.

 I recently read an article that described fashion from 1967. It basically said that it was like a bottle under pressure and then exploded with the psychedelic, swirling colors, and tie-dye.

There were some big fashion changes in the mid to late 60s. Skirts got unbelievably short.  More
skin was being shown than ever before and the splashes of color and patterns had no limits.  

Twiggy became a huge hit. More of a waif than a woman, many a teenage girl starved themselves trying to attain the 'look' - usually to no avail.  This young British model was splashed across fashion magazines.

Twiggy was what is considered to be the first hydrogenous icon. Her measurements were 31-23-32. 

Because of the short skirts, patterned and colored leggings became a fashion statement along with the boot. 

One-piece jumpsuits in wild, colorful prints. The tent dress in the same type of wild patterned colors. One piece short pant dress which had formerly been called culottes.  It was a brave new year with Sock it to me and Flower Power.

1967 Mercury Cougar XR71967 was also one of the glory years for the muscle car. The muscle car was straight out of Detroit and for many, it was heaven on four wheels.  

These cars were fast.  They were high performance bad boy machines and America fell in love with them. It would not be long and they would disappear from America's streets...or almost.

What was your favorite part of 1967?  The cars?  The home decor?  The fashion?  The jewelry? The movies?

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