The Wedgwood Ring Box

Updated - October 31, 2016  She said YES!

Wedgwood Blue Ring BoxIt was the first half of the 1980s that this small Wedgwood ring box traveled from England to Seattle with my husband. For many a year it sat in all its little glory and with time it led to a collection of Wedgwood from the 1800s.

As it sat in the middle of a collection that was older and bigger, it finally seemed the right thing to do to find it a new home.  A home where once again it would take center stage. 

Cleaned, photographed, and a description written, it was time. For a few short months it continued to live with its old counterparts until the day came when Charlton saw it...

Here is where he continues the story...where the past, the present, and the future intertwine...

Charlton said, "Wedgwood is very important to me. I grew up looking at mom and dads pieces and always thought they were the neatest, most beautiful, and unique pottery I've ever seen. Even to this day. The color combinations are what really attract me to it. White with light blue and sometimes silver.

Wedgwood Jasperware Ring BoxSo naturally the idea popped into my head to hunt down and see if a Wedgwood ring box actually existed. Luckily, Daye Salander happened to have the perfect one and I snatched it up!

After searching forever for a pillow to fit in the little box (trust me, my google-fu is good), I discovered the wife of a friend, Missy (who's also a friend) liked to sew as a hobby. She excitedly agreed to make it for me. We went to a fabric store and we worked together to pick out the materials and she made it for me free of charge."

Blue Wedgwood Jasperware Vintage Ring Box"Couldn't have been a better fit of materials and craftsmanship! Quilted cotton with matching blue and white leaf lace and a silver edged white bow."

"What I love about my idea the most is that it's highly unique. No one's cheesy jewelry store logo printed on it, and it's beautiful but also dear to me. Wedgwood was a wise choice I believe."

And so the Wedgwood box continues its journey and finds itself in the center of a love story. That box will always hold a special memory and will always hold center stage because of it.




Daye is an avid collector and researcher of all things vintage.


  • Levi

    Woot what a great story. I think it looks awesome and I know the significant other will love it.


    Great story! It’s what I love about passing things on.

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