Bagley Glass

It was 1871, when William Bagley and John Wild founded Bagley, Wild and Company in Knottingley, Yorkshire England. It's roots were in glass bottle making.

In 1912, Bagley Glass branched out and began to make lead crystal and pressed glassware for the home and quickly became one of the United Kingdom's most successful glass companies. In fact, it was the leading glass producer up until its close in 1979.


The Rutland pattern began in the late 1930s. The vanity set cam in  in blue, green, amber, pink, and white.

Bagley's lead crystal line was only made for two years. They made the blanks in-house and then jobbed the design and cutting to an outside company. The pressed glass designs became Bagley's mainstay for the next 65 years.

In the early 1930s Bagley introduced Crystaltynt which was basically colored glass. Main colors were blue, green, pink and amber. They experimented with both clear and frosted, or matte glass.

Also in the 30s chrome stands, clock mechanisms and lamp fittings were added to the glass products. Bagley's product line expanded with a focus not only on Art Deco design but also production of older, successful lines.
 blue Katherine compote

1930's Pattern called Katherine. Mostly made vases, bowls, and plates. Often with chrome bases.

Bagley Glass customer was the middle class consumer. Their manufacturing techniques were not top of the line...was not fine glassware....just good solid glassware for the masses.

It was in 1975 that Bagley Glass closed their doors.

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