Fresh Air For Babies in the 30s

1930s window baby cage boxOh the contraptions that have been made for babies.  This one though, is interesting and maybe just a bit crazy?  Oh yes, pretty well but in the 1920s it was a sound concept...or so it seemed.

In 1922, Emma Reed of Spokane, Washington filed for a patent for a baby cage.  In short it was a portable structure that when used would provide babies and small children access to exercise and fresh air. 

Doctors of the time promoted fresh air for healthy babies. The baby cage was an answer for those mothers living in the city without close access to a park, as crazy as it seems.

Don't get me wrong, babies do need fresh air and exercise but not hanging out the window from a four story walk up. These cages were attached to window frames and literally hung outside of the building far above the street below. 

There is no record that I could find showing high use of these baby cages in the United States but according to Good Housekeeping, they became quite popular in London.


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