DeMuth Shoes History Untangled

This small figural pocket knife was a mystery. It measures just 2" long. The exterior is mother of pearl and it is stamped with De Muth's Shoes.

There were two things to go on... De Muth's Shoes and Morley & Sons, Germany. And so the hunt began...

Benjamin Franklin DeMuth was born in Uhrichsville Ohio in 1852. After leaving school in 1868, his career was devoted to the shoe business.  He began that career at a store in Millersburg, Ohio.

It was 1886, when DeMuth founded DeMuth and Company Shoes, a retail outlet in Chicago, Illinois.

Most of this information came from the Boot and Shoe Recorder. A letterhead dated 1901 was located and advertisements were found from 1909 as well.  No information could be found after 1911.  

Does that date this advertising piece to be pre-1911?

Possibly but further research was needed and the focus turned to Morley & Sons which ended up providing a window of manufacturing.

WH Morley & Sons was an importer who imported knives from Germany and Austria. Although they were a part of Adolph Kaster and Brothers, they closed in 1927.

This means two things...DeMuth Shoes was in operation as late as 1927, AND this advertising piece is pre-1927.


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