How Long Is That Vintage Necklace?

Shopping online is fast becoming the way many Americans prefer to shop. We skip the mall and sit in our jammies and shop to our hearts' content. As great as this is, sometimes it can prove to be difficult in finding what you are looking for. That problem extends to something as simple as finding a necklace.

Besides referring to the exact length of a necklace, there are names of the different lengths that may be helpful in finding what you are looking for.

Note that these length refer to the lengths of single strand necklace.

The way I remember it is this...

Choke the Princess at the Matinee performance of the Opera with a Rope

Choker  - 15"

Princess - 18"

Matinee - 20 - 24"

Opera - 26 - 34"

Rope - 36" and longer

Whether you are a buyer or seller of vintage jewelry, knowing and using these names will do two things.

First as a buyer you will know that the person you are buying from is not just throwing stuff up there to be sold but that they actually know something about vintage jewelry. It provides you with more confidence in the seller.

For the seller it helps you attract those that actually 'know' something about jewelry as well as the layman that searches by inch length. 

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