New Life For Vintage Brooches

It was not all that long ago that brooches were relegated to be worn on the shoulder or if small, on the lapel. In today’s world as the brooch makes a comeback, the rules have changed.

Whether you love the sparkle and fire of rhinestones or the colorful world of enamel; the small petite pin or the over sized statement brooch; the playful pin or the Victorian look, there are new ways to wear all of them. In fact the imagination is the only limit to how to wear your favorite brooch.

Scarves offer a perfect field for a playful brooch


Vintage Brooch on Scarf

A Wreath Brooch is a great add to a solid color handbag

Vintage Brooch on a Handbag

Don't be shy about brightening up that knit hat with a bit of sparkle

Add a vintage brooch to a hat

Play up a jean pocket with a splash of brooches

Vintage Brooches on jeans

For some bling in the hair - a brooch on a scrunchie

vintage brooch on a scrunchie

A bouquet of brooches for the vintage bride

vintage brooch bouquet



There are more ideas out there on how to wear your vintage brooches to spice up you wardrobe and accessories. What's your favorite place to wear your vintage brooches? 



Daye is an avid collector and researcher of all things vintage.


  • Daye Salander
    Daye Salander

    That is one of my favorites as well Tracey. I was thinking on the back pocket but if one came undone that would hurt like the dickens lol But front pocket….sweet!

    Tracey GHazal
    Tracey GHazal

    Some wonderful ideas for using vintage brooches. My favorite is the one with the brooches on the jeans pocket. Great post!

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