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The Art of Nesting

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It's hard to believe that Labor Day is now behind us and autumn will be here in three short weeks. With the fall season, our focus tends to turn from the outdoors to within the home.  It's a process I call nesting and it's an art form that is as unique and individual as we are.

Personally, I love to nest.  I love switching things up in the home to bring in more fall and winter colors - warm colors - inviting colors. It is the time of year I focus on adding as well as re-arranging things to set the stage for the long winter ahead.

Here's some of the things I do...

castleton wisteria candlewick mikasa claridge holmes edward spring gardenI look to add to my dinnerware.  My current favorite china is Castleton Wisteria (1955).  As much as I like it though, sometimes a table covered just in china is a bit overwhelming.  So, what I decided to do is to pair it with Imperial Glass' Candlewick (1940s). It's complimented with Mikasa Claridge Goblets (1990s) and Holmes & Edwards Spring Garden Flatware (1949). Wow...what a difference it has made.

One thing that I'm tempted to try this year is mixing and matching different china patterns.  I'm seeing this 'look' more and more. I'm not sure I can gather enough before the holidays but it could be pretty fun. 

Linnea Lundmark Blue Moon Block Print Another thing I do is change up the wall art. It is the time of year that I often add another piece. Something that speaks to me.  Recently I added a 1998 Linnea Lundmark signed and numbered block print call Blue Moon.  It was a fabulous add to the guest bathroom.

Of course I change out bedding and living room throws for the cold months ahead but I also often add some color.  Golden browns, burnt orange or red, deep blues and green are always good choices. I put away the the pale and light doilies and favor Victorian style runners.

Yes, I mix old and new as I begin that nesting process. I do buy mostly vintage which permits me to find things that not only suit me but are not found in every store out there. The things I buy are not only conversation starters but companions through the short days of winter.

So, have some fun this fall as the leaves turn and fall away and you find that time to nest. Remember, nesting is an Art Form and the process is unique to all of us.

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