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Types of Vintage Round Stones

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Getting into the realm of stones and gemstones is a huge subject so I decided to take just one part of it at a time. So, today, let’s look at round stones. By identifying the cut, it can provide some useful information for dating and for determining value. The simplest stone is the Chaton. It is an 8 sided faceted stone with a flat table and a pointed pavillion. If you look closely at any of your rhinestone jewelry that has round stones, almost all of them will use the Chaton stone. Chaton stones came in literally every color including...

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History of the Scarf

Daye Salander antiques blog blogger collectibles history of the scarf vintage when did scarves become an accessory when were scarves created

In today’s world of fashion, most people buy off the rack. In order to develop our own style we pair clothing pieces together to create that statement. On top of that we add certain things to our wardrobe that accent an outfit that makes it personally our own. These items include jewelry, shoes, handbags and maybe most importantly, the scarf. Of course the scarf has been around for thousands of years but in the last 200 years its purpose has been changing and today it has become a fixture to the way we dress. Let’s take a quick look back...

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Make An Offer SALE

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Once a year we do a MAKE AN OFFER sale. For 15 whole days we open up our store to offers.  This is how it works... Browse and find something you would like to purchase. Submit an offer by clicking the Contact Me button from the page you are on and we will know exactly the item you are making the offer on.   Once we get your offer we will do one of two things.... We will ACCEPT your offer and give you a coupon code which you will enter upon check out.  We will send you a COUNTER OFFER...

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