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What is Etruscan Style Jewelry

Daye Salander Granulation Repousse Vintage Blog What is Etruscan Jewelry What is Etruscan Style What is Granulation Wire Work

Etruscan art was produced by the Etruscan civilization between the 9th and 2nd centuries B.C. Although there is some confusion as to their history, it is well known that the Phoenicians had a huge impact on the jewelry making techniques that the Etruscians continued to develop. Etruscan refers to a civilization of ancient Italy.  It's homeland was in the area of central italy, just north of Rome which is today called Tuscany. Etruscan Revival Gold Wire Work Bracelet It is thought that much of the jewelry that was made was made for the afterlife and much of it was never...

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How To Care For Your Vintage Books

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There was a  time that I believed the best way to preserve a book long term was to place it in a ziplock bag and put it somewhere dark.  I had not researched it or even Googled it, I just assumed. Let me just say….Wrong!Books need to “breathe” whether new or old.  When they are locked away, i.e. in a ziplock bag without ample moisture in the air, the natural materials become brittle.  Pages of the book become easily torn and the bindings begin to break down.On the other hand, if you don't lock it away and there is too much...

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How Long Is That Vintage Necklace?

Daye Salander blogger name for necklace lengths necklace lengths vintage vintage blog

Shopping online is fast becoming the way many Americans prefer to shop. We skip the mall and sit in our jammies and shop to our hearts' content. As great as this is, sometimes it can prove to be difficult in finding what you are looking for. That problem extends to something as simple as finding a necklace. Besides referring to the exact length of a necklace, there are names of the different lengths that may be helpful in finding what you are looking for. Note that these length refer to the lengths of single strand necklace.The way I remember it...

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Types of Vintage Round Stones

Daye Salander antiques blog blogger collecticles different rhinestone cuts vintage blog vintage rhinestones vintage stones what is a chaton what is a dentelle stone what is a rivoli stone what is an old mine cut

Getting into the realm of stones and gemstones is a huge subject so I decided to take just one part of it at a time. So, today, let’s look at round stones. By identifying the cut, it can provide some useful information for dating and for determining value. The simplest stone is the Chaton. It is an 8 sided faceted stone with a flat table and a pointed pavillion. If you look closely at any of your rhinestone jewelry that has round stones, almost all of them will use the Chaton stone. Chaton stones came in literally every color including...

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Kitchens of the Twentieth Century - Part III

Daye Salander blogger daye salander kitchens of the 20th century kitchens of the 70s 80s and 90s vintage blog vintage kitchens

KITCHENS OF THE 1970s, 80s, and 90s As we marched into the 1970s all hell broke loose in the kitchen. Overnight kitchens seemed to go from soft, pleasant colors to loud and overbearing. As I looked thru photos of kitchen there was one comment that truly hit home.  It said, "Who doesn't want their appliances matching their dress?" The latest kitchens of the 1960s seems to have begun leaning towards the darker wood cabinets with lots of them, both upper and lower. I suppose the color gods thought it too dark and what the kitchen really needed was avocado green...

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