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Once a year we do a MAKE AN OFFER sale. For 15 whole days we open up our store to offers.  This is how it works...

Browse and find something you would like to purchase.

Submit an offer by clicking the Contact Me button from the page you are on and we will know exactly the item you are making the offer on.  

Once we get your offer we will do one of two things....

  1. We will ACCEPT your offer and give you a coupon code which you will enter upon check out. 
  2. We will send you a COUNTER OFFER along with a coupon code for that offer that you can choose to use...or not.
Here's a few answers to what have been common questions...
  • If I get a counter offer, can I make another counter offer? No. Our counter offer is the best price that we can possibly do on the item.
  • Can you hold an item for 24 hours?  Normally we could do that but we do NOT do this during this sale event.
  • When will my item be shipped?  Within 48 hours of confirmation that payment has been received.
  • Can I use a coupon code that I already have or combine codes?  No. Once we have accepted an offer, there are no additional discounts.
  • Is shipping still free?  On any item that has free shipping, it is still free shipping which covers about 99% of what we have in our store.

If you have any questions about how this them HERE!  

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