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Wall Art and Home Decor

Daye Salander Block Print Channing Smith Etching Gene Wagoner Home Decor Listed Artist Lithograph Morgan Dennis Numbered Original Painting Print Signed Titled Vintage Wall Art Wall Decoration

Channing Smith Wood Block PrintIt's been two years now since we pulled out of a local antique mall.  In retrospect it has been a good thing, although not an easy move.  One of the more challenging aspects since moving online was shipping wall art.

For the last two years my walls have been covered in wall art.  Block prints, original oils, wall clocks, etchings, and the list goes on. Well, we are finally getting the hang of it and slowly we will be rolling out a lot more wall art.

I'm really excited about this because we have some fabulous home decor pieces that will dazzle you. Like this signed and numbered block print by Channing Smith. I love the bold strokes.Gene Waggoner original oil painting

Artwork makes your home original to you. It tells a story about what you like. In many ways, it defines you and your lifestyle. That is truly the beauty of wall art, there is something for everybody and whatever it is that you choose to display has meaning to you.

These two original signed oil paintings are by Gene Waggoner, They just pull you in and for me, they bring back fond memories of childhood in winter.

Morgan Dennis Signed EtchingOr this absolutely darling etching by Morgan Dennis.  Signed etching features a dog for sale at the pet store.  The look on the face is priceless and the title is so fitting. "Here Today - Gone Tomorrow".

These are just a small sampling of some of the artwork that is either now available or will be soon. Drop on in and visit our Home Decor Collection.

We will still be offering free shipping to the continental United States. As with everything we ship, it will be fully insured with tracking. FedEx is our preferred shipper for over sized packages.


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