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Kitchens of the Twentieth Century - Part III

Daye Salander blogger daye salander kitchens of the 20th century kitchens of the 70s 80s and 90s vintage blog vintage kitchens

KITCHENS OF THE 1970s, 80s, and 90s As we marched into the 1970s all hell broke loose in the kitchen. Overnight kitchens seemed to go from soft, pleasant colors to loud and overbearing. As I looked thru photos of kitchen there was one comment that truly hit home.  It said, "Who doesn't want their appliances matching their dress?" The latest kitchens of the 1960s seems to have begun leaning towards the darker wood cabinets with lots of them, both upper and lower. I suppose the color gods thought it too dark and what the kitchen really needed was avocado green...

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DeMuth Shoes History Untangled

Daye Salander 1920s About DeMuth Shoes Blogger Chicago De Muth Shoes History DeMuth Shoes Figural Shoe Miniature Knife Morley and Sons Mother of Pearl Vintage Vintage Advertising Vintage Blog

This small figural pocket knife was a mystery. It measures just 2" long. The exterior is mother of pearl and it is stamped with De Muth's Shoes. There were two things to go on... De Muth's Shoes and Morley & Sons, Germany. And so the hunt began... Benjamin Franklin DeMuth was born in Uhrichsville Ohio in 1852. After leaving school in 1868, his career was devoted to the shoe business.  He began that career at a store in Millersburg, Ohio. It was 1886, when DeMuth founded DeMuth and Company Shoes, a retail outlet in Chicago, Illinois. Most of this information...

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Kitchens of the Twentieth Century - Part II

Daye Salander blog history of the kitchen kitchens of the twentieth century mid century kitchen the american kitchen vintage blogger vintage kitchen

KITCHENS OF THE 1940s, 50s, and 60s As we near the middle of the twentieth century, the kitchen stays on the same path it began in the 1930s.  The kitchen was not only a place to cook, it was a place to socialize for the family. With this new role, it also looked to the importance of design and color to make it welcoming.  The new kitchen also added more light, storage and work places. The one thing that truly jumps out as we move thru the 1940s is the number of appliances.  Where once was small countertop space, those larger...

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Kitchens of the Twentieth Century - Part I

Daye Salander 1900s kitchen 1910s kitchen 1920s kitchen 1930s kitchen blogger collectibles home decor vintage vintage blog vintage blogger

KITCHENS OF THE 1910's, 20s, & 30s With spending all this extra time in the kitchen with the holidays I began to think about how the kitchen has changed over the years.  I decided to look back over the 20th Century and how things have evolved. In this first of a 3 part series, we will be looking at kitchens from 1900 thru the 1930s. Part 2 will be focused on kitchens from the 1940s thru the 60's with Part 3 featuring kitchens from the 70's to the end of the century. It seems that at the beginning of the...

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History of the Scarf

Daye Salander antiques blog blogger collectibles history of the scarf vintage when did scarves become an accessory when were scarves created

In today’s world of fashion, most people buy off the rack. In order to develop our own style we pair clothing pieces together to create that statement. On top of that we add certain things to our wardrobe that accent an outfit that makes it personally our own. These items include jewelry, shoes, handbags and maybe most importantly, the scarf. Of course the scarf has been around for thousands of years but in the last 200 years its purpose has been changing and today it has become a fixture to the way we dress. Let’s take a quick look back...

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