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Under The Leaves

Miniature Eye Jewelry

Daye Salander antique eye Fitzherbert Georgian incognito jewelry king george miniature

There are some people who see this type of jewelry and the first thought that comes to mind is 'creepy'. Maybe, it may seem that way but there was a very good reason behind such a 'fad'. It was the late 1700s that Maria Fitzherbert wanted to give George IV a likeness of herself. Since their marriage was considered illegal in the sight of English law and frowned upon, she wished to give a gift that no one would recognize.   She contracted an artist to paint her eye and her eye alone. It was not long before other ladies...

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Bronze Baby Shoe Craze

Daye Salander baby babyshoes bronzed collectibles history shoe Violet Shinbach

There was a time where the whole middle class, or so it seemed, bronzed the shoes of their first baby.  It didn't seem quite as important with the second or third but that first one...that was special. We often think that it was a craze in the 1950s but it began earlier than that.  In fact, enter 1934.  Violet Shinbach is considered to be the 'mother of shoe bronzing' and began a company in 1934 to do just that.  The shoes were first dipped into a solution that would add rigidity to the material of the shoe and from there...

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Mekhala and Ramasoon; The Story of Lightning and Thunder

Daye Salander #antique #Bedtime Story #blog #blogger #Dancing Goddess #fairytale #Goddess #jewelry #Makala #Ramasoon #salamander alley #shopthealley #Thailand #vintage Folklore Lightning Mekhala Siam Silver Sterling Thunder

Mekhala, the Goddess of Lightning is chased by Ramasoon, the God of Thunder, for she had to be his. This is the Thai fairytale of lightning and thunder.

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