Hi.  I’m Daye Salander and I’m an avid researcher and collector of antiques and collectibles.  Unlike many, these collectibles are not just locked upon behind closed cabinet doors but used. The joy of owning something is to not save it for a day far in the future but to be enjoyed and used today.

I’m sure this came from my mother who saved ‘the best’ for someday.  Those some days never came and so I don’t wait, I don’t watch, I use and cherish and weave the vintage of the past with my present and my future.

Some may think that vintage is not for them and that is just not a true statement.  Styles come and go and repeat themselves over and over again.  So whether you love the clean lines of modern design or cottage chic, those styles were once very popular and there is a wealth of items still available that are the ‘real thing’ not a present poor imitation.

One of the beautiful things about vintage is that things were much better made in past years. What was considered to be cheesy costume jewelry in the 60s, upon comparison, it is very fine costume jewelry compared to today’s costume jewelry.  What was once considered to be cheap depression era glass is beautifully patterned glass, delicate and fine compared to today.   It makes sense to invest in eras gone by.  It makes sense to invest in quality.

The final reason to buy vintage is uniqueness.  Whether you mix china patterns in like colors, an urn that brings up the charm of yesteryear, or a necklace fit for a mid century Hollywood star, there are few duplicates.  What you find that you love will end up being exclusively yours….not on every shelf in the world of the American consumer.

So, welcome. Browse. Enjoy. Share.   And hey…don’t miss my blog…It’s all about vintage.  Finding it. Loving it. Using it.

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